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Hear from so many of our Church leaders that are standing behind Bishop J Drew Sheard and are giving him their endorsement.

Pastor Charles Williams

Supv. Larry Tyrone Murray

Elder Marlon Bush

Elder Andrew Tingle

Bishop Tyrone Butler

Bishop Guy Glimp

Bishop Elton Amos

Bishop Edgar Vann

Bishop Shawn Bell

Bishop Charles Ellis

Pastor Marvin Winans

Bishop Joseph W. Walker III

Bishop Paul S. Morton

Bishop Glenn Plummer

Supt Dwayne

Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Bishop Joseph Norfleet

Bishop Keith Kershaw

Bishop Mark A. Thomas

Pastor John Hall

Pastor Warren & First Lady Erica Campbell

Bishop Elijah H. Hankerson III

Admin. Assist. Paul Jones

Admin. Assist. Christopher Martin

Rev Wendell Anthony

Elder Gary Sprewell

Superintendent Clarence Sellers

Overseer Nate’ M Jefferson

Bishop W. H. Watson III

Bishop Otis Eanes Sr.

Bishop Brandon Jacobs

VC Marcus Ways

Supv Juanita Butts

Supt Carl Davis

Supt Nathaniel Green

Bishop Mark Gilkey

Bishop G. Wesley Hardy

Bishop Daniel Littleton

Bishop William E. MacMillian

Bishop Dwight E. Walls

Bishop Patrick L. Wooden

Supv. Mary Jane Walton

Supv. Regina Rose Edwards

Supv. Corinne Wade Adams

Elder Donovan Burks

Elder Darnell Harris

Evg. Joyce L Rogers

Evg. Vandalyn Kennedy

Donna Lewis and Family

Mother Renee F. Murray

Supv. Clararetha Spencer

Supv. Dianne Bogan

Lady Bonita Shelby

Jamel Green

Karen Clark-Sheard

“I’m Superintendent Derick L. Jones, and I am a part of the Michigan North Central Ecclesiatical Jurisdiction where my leader is the Bishop J. Drew Sheard. I am absolutely delighted to endorse and support Bishop J. Drew Sheard for the General Board and beyond! He is a proven leader who has consistently led with integrity and fairness. I believe he should be on the general board and then to be voted as our next presiding bishop. 8th in succession for a NEW BEGINNING!”

Derick L. Jones
Superintendent | Michigan North Central Ecclesiatical Jurisdiction

“Greetings! I would like to offer my wholehearted endorsement of Bishop J. Drew Sheard for re-election to the General Board of the Church of God In Christ. Bishop Sheard epitomizes innovation, creativity and leadership with a mentality of consistency, perseverance, and faithfulness to build the people of God. I am confident that his continual efforts to create positive relationships locally and around the world will strengthen the church in the years to come.”

Elder Torre A. Stocker
South Carolina Jurisdiction

“It is my honor and privilege to endorse Bishop J. Sheard for re-election to the General Board of the Church of God in Christ. Bishop J. Drew Sheard is a Godly, educated, cutting edge leader with integrity. He also loves God’s people and wants the best for our great Church; and definitely has a plan to do it. I have served under his leadership for several years and observed his dedication to his family, his church and the Jurisdiction he oversees. During these challenging times Bishop Sheard has implemented programs to assist those who are in need. So, when the General Assembly meets to vote on February 23, 2021, join me as we elect Bishop J. Drew Sheard and we will leave no doubt. It’s still a God Thing!”

First Lady Cheryl L. Slack
Sunday School Field Representative
Michigan North Central Jurisdiction

“I have known J. Drew Sheard since he was 19 years old. His mother and I were friends down through the years. I was invited to speak in MI, and I stayed with Bishop and Mother Sheard. The next morning this tall strapping handsome young man came in and addressed me as Aunt Lucy and from that day on I was known as his Aunt Lucy. I was so impressed with him because he always had a good name among the young people. I watched as he grew in the church elevating to and embracing many titles that he fulfilled with a spirit of excellence but he as a person never changed.”

” One thing I noticed that was prevalent he always had empathy for the less fortunate than he. He would always embrace the people that were overlooked. Even today when I see him and his embracing and special love for the seniors is still so evident. Son you will always live in my heart as one of the God given leaders. “

Mother Lucille Spann

“It is my pleasure to endorse Bishop J. Drew Sheard for re-election to the COGIC General Board. One of his many impressive attributes is the intentionality in which he strives to live out his core values. I had the honor to work with Bishop Sheard for 20+ years. During that time, I have come to know him as a leader who is honest, pragmatic, and insightful. Included in his traits, is his capability to listen before making a decision, and praying before implementing plans. These traits distinguish him not only as a visionary, but as a change agent.”

” I am confident beyond a doubt that Bishop Sheard has the commitment and ability to significantly advance our great Church. To distinguish him with your vote would truly be an affirmation of his unique individuality.”

Lisa M Law
MTG Creative Solutions

“I, Pastor Lawrence C Boles III of Region 6 Evangelism Department of the Church Of God In Christ that makes up four states, Alaska, Idaho, Portland, and Washington State endorse Bishop J. Drew Sheard for General Board and Presiding Bishop of the Church of God In Christ. You have our vote!”

Pastor Lawrence Christopher Boles III
Team Redeemed

“Seasons of Transition require Seasoned and Mature Leadership. Bishop J. Drew Sheard is such a leader and possesses the spiritual and strategic skill set to help navigate our great church to its next summit. It’s my pleasure to endorse this COGIC gatekeeper for the office of General Board. Our Future is NOW. Sheard2021………….”

Bishop Dennis J. McMurray
Senior Pastor | Renaissance Church of God in Christ | Grand Rapids Michigan

“”The Church of God in Christ stands at a great crossroads as we endeavor to navigate through these uncertain times. It is my belief that our great church will not only survive but it will thrive under the very capable leadership of Presiding Bishop J. Drew Sheard.”

Superintendent Edward A. Lanham

“I am endorsing Bishop J. Drew Sheard because he has a proven record of extraordinary leadership.”

Bishop Destry Bell
Prelate of Texas Gulf Coast

“Bishop J Drew Sheard is an innovative leader, administrator, and churchman. A vote for Bishop Sheard is a vote to advance our great church forward into the future.”

Bishop Designate Uleses Henderson, Jr.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to write this letter of endorsement for the reelection of Bishop J. Drew Sheard to the General Board of the Church of God in Christ. Bishop J. Drew Sheard exemplifies the characteristics of a Godly leader purposed to serve the People of God. Bishop Sheard is an Anointed Preacher, a skilled and experience Leader, and a role model for all generations. “

“I am blessed to have served under his leadership, observed his devotion to the advancement of the Church, and witnessed his genuine heart for God’s People. I have found him to be fair, of sound judgment, committed, trustworthy, and focused on doing the will of God. During this time of uncertainty and unrest in our society, Bishop Sheard has implemented a global vision to assist the masses and yet maintained his personal touch in helping the less fortunate among us. I support and encourage every eligible delegate for the General Assembly to vote for Bishop J. Drew Sheard during our Quadrennial election.”

Christopher Payton
New Birth Church of God in Christ, Chicago

“It is my esteemed privilege to express my endorsement to re-elect Bishop J Drew Sheard to the General Board. Having worked as a staff member on Bishop Sheard’s AIM team, I soon discovered he created working environments where everyone was respected and made to feel like they were a part of an extended & loving family. He has always encouraged young people to share in his love and passion for the church and expressed the confidence that we could be successful in ministry. Bishop Sheard brings a family emphasis to our great church.”

“I can attest to his integrity, business acumen, and concern for God’s people – from the most honored leaders to the little children. Bishop Drew is a family man, an honest man and a fair man. Most of all, he is a Godly man. It is my honor to ask you to join me in re-electing Bishop J Drew Sheard to the General Board.”

Missionary Jacqueline Jackson

More Endorsements

Title First Name Last Name
Bishop Elton Amos
Bishop Frank Anderson
Bishop James Atterberry
Bishop Willie Cage
Bishop Joe Chase
Bishop Ben Collins
Bishop Edward Connor
Bishop Edward Cook
Bishop Alphonso Denson
Bishop Samuel Duncan
Bishop Otis Eanes Sr
Bishop Nelson Gatlin
Bishop Mark Gilkey
Bishop Jerry Givens
Bishop Guy Glimp
Bishop Taro Golden
Bishop Willie Green
Bishop Dwight Green
Bishop Milton Hawkins
Bishop Percy Henderson
Bishop Roderick Hennings
Bishop Zachery Hicks
Bishop Michael Hill
Bishop Philip Jackson
Bishop Morris Jenkins
Bishop Clyde Jones
Bishop Michael A. Jones
Bishop Roger Jones
Bishop Kevin Knight
Bishop Daniel Littleton
Bishop T. McCombs
Bishop William McMillian
Bishop Dennis McMurray
Bishop J. Melvin
Bishop Aaron Milton
Bishop Chris Milton
Bishop Don Nobles
Bishop Willard Payton
Bishop Larry Perkins
Bishop John Richardson
Bishop Robert Rudolph
Bishop Tim Smith
Bishop Melvin Smith
Bishop Leon Smith
Bishop Talbert Swan
Bishop Johnny Tates
Bishop Edwin Walker
Bishop Dwight Walls
Bishop Nathiel Wells
Bishop Dickerson Wells
Bishop Jack Whitehead
Bishop Marvin Williams
Bishop Reginald Williams
Bishop Adrian Williams
Bishop Jimmie Williams
Bishop George Williams
Bishop Jewel Withers
Bishop Lawrence M. Wooten
Bishop E. J. Wright
Bishop Charles H. Mason Patterson
Bishop Vernon I. Prioleau II
Bishop Willie B. Toone
Bishop Leroy J. Woolard
Bishop John Mark Johnson
Supervisor Corrine Adams
Supervisor Diane Bogan
Supervisor Crystal James
Supervisor Mildred Linzy
Supervisor Lena McClain
Supervisor Renee Murray
Supervisor Mary Jane Walton
Elect Lady Dorinda Clark-Cole
Mother Lucille Spann
Mother Mary Tucker
Mother Mary Jane Walton
Adm. Asst Warren Dorris
Adm. Asst Ronald Griffin
Adm. Asst Clarence Sellers
Admin Asst Marquaello Futrell
Administrative Assistant Robert Dean
Administrative Asst Johnson Beaven
Administrative Asst Paul Jones
Supt Willie Bonner
Supt Johnny Castleberry
Supt L Chappell
Supt Terry Ellison
Supt Kenyarda Feathers
Supt Don General
Supt Nathaniel Green
Supt Ronovan Hooker
Supt Frank Johnson
Supt Derrick Jones
Supt Ethan Sheard
Apostle A. May May
Pastor Ledgure Herron
Pastor Lloyd Allen
Pastor John Banks
Pastor C. Carter
Pastor Maurice Clark
Pastor Anthony Coleman
Pastor Jessica Collins
Pastor Carl Davis
Pastor John Delley
Pastor Mark Ellis
Pastor Jemel Evans
Pastor Billy Evans
Pastor Donnie Featherstone
Pastor A. Fluker
Pastor Greg Ford
Pastor GL Frison
Pastor Scott Galbraith
Pastor Paul Gatlin
Pastor Anthony Hudson
Pastor Derrick Hutchins
Pastor Michael Jackson
Pastor Andre Johnson
Pastor G. Jordan
Pastor Kiemba Knowlin
Pastor Otis Lockett Jr.
Pastor Alvin Lockhart
Pastor Kyle Mann
Pastor Marcus Mickles
Pastor John Moore
Pastor Vernell Nelson
Pastor Brian Nelson
Pastor Will Nichols
Pastor Brian Prince
Pastor Daryl Randolph
Pastor Simon Richardson
Pastor Glenn Sawyer
Pastor Arnold Sheard
Pastor Jimmie Smith
Pastor Waddee Thoroughgood
Pastor Kenneth Walls III
Pastor Rico Washington
Pastor Joe Wilkins
Pastor Johnathon Willis
Pastor Aaron Withers
Pastor C. Ivan Johnson
Pastor J. Rashad Jones
Pastor O. H. Todd
Pastor Christopher B. Thomas
Pastor Matthew Spencer
Attorney Ulesis Henderson
Attorney Jonathan Saffold
Attorney Karen Shedrick
Attorney Ed Watson
Elder William Adams
Elder Amos Allen
Elder Ryan Allen
Elder John Amanchukwu
Elder Kyle Boyer
Elder Marlin Bush
Elder Clifford Davis
Elder Damion Davis
Elder Marcel Fears
Elder Devale Hodge
Elder Andre Johnson
Elder Dwayne Loughridge
Elder Rob Martin
Elder Carl Ross
Elder Nic South
Elder Gary Sprewell
Elder Joe Thompson
Elder Carlos Tillman
Elder Daniel Turner
Elder L. Donnell Williams
Elder Prince Bryant
Evang Cynthia Anderson
Evang Karen Clark-Sheard
Evang Teria cooper
Evang Tanya Gulley
Evangelist Benita Austin
Evangelist Charalese Gore
Evangelist Darnell Harris
Evangelist Vickie Johnson
Evangelist Lanelle Perry
Evangelist Carol Pryor
Evangelist Denise Roach
Evangelist Sheila Vickers
Evangelist Patricia Ways
First Lady Gayle Williams
Dr. Holly Carter
Sister Tyra Metoyer
Sister Denise Williams
Sister Donna Lewis
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